become a wordpress developer

How to become a freelance WordPress developer in 2021

The WordPress Content Management system now powers at least 39% of website in the world with a market share of 64% according to the WordPress website. Those numbers mean potential clients ...

Free & Premium WordPress Themes 2021

Best Free & Premium WordPress Themes 2021

Looking to launch your website but not sure how to start. Why not try our Free & Premium WordPress Themes to help you get started. We have themes from different ...

Premium WordPress Theme

Premium Theme VS Custom Theme which is better

Buying premium WordPress Theme or getting a developer to build one from scratch, all comes down to your requirement. However, places like, have earned their reputation over the ...

How to fix WordPress Header Overlapping in admin

Every Developer nightmare is your application or website not working the way they should the same rules applies to WordPress Developer. As beginners developing your shiny WordPress theme for your ...

How to make a custom WordPress theme from scratch (2021)

Let say you have your HTML template coded or found am amazing HTML template online and wondering how to convert your HTML template into a custom WordPress theme from scratch? ...

secure your Wordpress Website

How To Secure Your WordPress Website In 2021

Having designed your website to your taste and having that great look and feel the next step is SEO and security. how do you secure your WordPress website? Ensure you ...

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