Free Consulting WordPress Website For Small Business

Goldendraco 27th May 2020
free consulting wordpress theme for small business

In today’s information age every business needs an online presence. But for startup and young business owners, things are different has resources are quite very limited. However, some website such as Wix and Webflow allows you to create a website and also host it for you but they leave their details in the footer of such website. Below are two free consulting WordPress themes you can use for your business.

Conbusi Consulting WordPress Theme

conbusi consulting wordpress theme

Conbusi Consulting is a professional and sophisticated free startup agency WordPress theme. When are in the process of launching an online presence for your business, you can simply stick to Conbusi Consulting WordPress Theme.

Some of the features of the Conbusi Consulting WordPress Theme are an integrated slider, a drag and drop functionality, call-to-actions, a drop-down menu, sticky navigation, a testimonials section and animated statistics.

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