Vika Cakes E-commerce Website

Vika Cakes is a fictional e-commerce website that delivers online cake ordering with a few clicks of a button. The main aim of the business is to increase sales to about two thousand dollars every month and have a social media presence that makes a difference. Vika Cakes e-commerce website design is researched and backed by top e-commerce cake websites, aiming to help the business increase sales. You can try out the prototype of the website below.

Preview Prototype

Home and Category page

Vika cakes product and category page

Single Product and basket

Users can preview the product and select the quantity they desire. However, the basket page has the option for you to collect your order or have it delivered.

Vika cakes single product page
vika cakes basket with delivery or collection option

Payment and order confirmation

Vika cakes order review and payment confirmation page