Web Hosting and Domain

Domain and hosting are two things you can do without for an online presence. One can’t do without the other because your domain will need to be pointed to a hosting server so that your customers and respective clients can easily find you online. But where can you find an affordable and reliable hosting for your business?


web hosting and domain

NameCheap is one of the companies that sell cheap domain and also with an awesome support system. Namecheap has a 24/7 live chat system and a lot of articles about how to get your website online.

However, Namecheap doesn’t only sell domain they also sell hosting, from shared hosting, dedicated server WordPress hosting, and SSL which are all very affordable for startups. starting from 1$ for the first month. Another cool thing about NameCheap is any domain you get from them have a whois for life so far you are still renewing the domain with them. Namecheap is a good place to start for small business owner and startups.

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