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How to become a freelance WordPress developer in 2022


The WordPress Content Management system now powers at least 39% of websites in the world with a market share of 64% according to the WordPress website. Those numbers mean potential clients will need your service as a WordPress Developer for either custom theme development, plugins, etc. But how do you become a freelance WordPress Developer in 2021?

In my honest opinion, you will need to understand and know how to use the following technologies:



3 Javascript

4 JQuery

5 Mysql


Yes, that seems like a lot to learn, but they all work hand in hand to achieve a greater goal. HTML is for your markup, while CSS is to add some styles to your website. Javascript helps you create interactive effects within web browsers. 

Although, the most important technology you need to fully understand if you want to be a WordPress Developer is PHP, that is because WordPress is mainly built on that programming language.

But where do you start, let say you understand the above technologies how do you start to create themes, plugins and the likes, the first place I will check is the WordPress codex website.

That is because the website contains everything information about how to build a WordPress Theme

from files that make a WordPress theme and what makes a filter or hook in WordPress. Nonetheless, they are resources online that can help you achieve your dream of becoming a WordPress developer below are some of the best I have used.

Youtube Channels

1. Alessandro Castellani

2. Adrian Twarog

Udemy Videos

Aside, from watching the videos, and reading blog posts online. There is a question you need to answer. What type of WordPress Developer do you want to become. Yes, that might surprise you they are developers that focus mainly on building premium themes. While some want to work as a freelancer and create plugins and themes for the WordPress directory.

Once you figure that out, you need to start getting your hands dirty aka creating themes and building your portfolio. We all understand seeing is believing, Client wants to know you can deliver and not hand them out to dry when they employ you, the only way you can show them what you can do is via your project. Think of a problem in WordPress Niche with fewer themes and create one to solve that problem. 

Websites you can get a job as a WordPress Developer


Where to get help.

  1. Reddit
  2. Stackexchange

Having created your first theme and having an understanding of how WordPress works. It’s essential to keep up with the industry standard and keep learning, however, another way to understand a WordPress theme is to purchase a premium theme or download one for free and try to break it and fix it. Themeforest always releases a free WordPress theme every month you can start from there all you have to do is subscribe to their newsletter. Happy Coding and let me know how your journey is going in the comment section.