Free live chat software in 2022

4 Free live chat software in 2022


Having live chat software on your website shows a modern way visitors can contact you directly. In this post, you’ll find a live chat solution that can handle common questions (and downsize your reps’ workloads) and offer prospects an easy way to speak to a real person. but what is a live chat software? Live chat software is an online customer service tool that includes help desk software, online chat, and web analytics capabilities. Below are Top Live Chat Software with links to their websites and popular features.

Which are the Best Live Chat Software?

  1. HubSpot Live Chat
  2. Sendinblule
  3. Chaport
  4. Zoho SalesIQ
  5. Chatbot
  6. Livechat
  7. Smartapp

Common features of live chat software

  1. You can message in the group.
  2. They enables you to customize the chat windows the way you like.
  3. Offers message filtering facilities.

HubSpot Live Chat

HubSpot is a must try for small businesses as it’s part of HubSpot’s free for life CRM solution. You can still take advantage of the robust live chat feature of HubSpot, even if you do not use its CRM. Any business that doesn’t want to waste resources or revenue on trying out a chatbot will appreciate using HubSpot Live Chat. There is no harm in trying it out, playing around with it, and seeing if it makes sense for your business.

HubSpot Live Chat

HubSpot Live Chat offers everything you need in a live chat solution and gives your chatbot a very professional look while visitors interact with your website. In addition to integrating with your CRM or using HubSpot’s CRM solution, you can use existing information about repeat visitors to personalize their live chat experience. As such, customer interactions feel natural, personalized, and on-brand.

On Hubspot live chat you can Save conversations which can be used for training, to get other representatives up to speed when the same customer contacts you again, and to keep a record of your team’s interactions for continuous improvement.

You can also drag-and-drop your live chat widget in just a few minutes without coding or development knowledge, you can also customize everything, from the look and feel to how it behaves.

Things you can do with Hubspot live chat

  1. Follow up with visitors
  2. Take notes about their conversations
  3. Turn conversations into tasks
  4. Automatically create support tickets

A chat platform like HubSpot can drastically improve your visitor experience and productivity over night. No more switching between hundreds of tabs to e-mail, make calls, and chat with visitors

Sendinblule – All Your Digital Marketing Tools in One Place

Sendinblue is a marketing service combining email marketing, live chat, text messaging, and landing pages. By using this live chat solution, you can maximize conversation management and business growth. Email marketing has all but disappeared as a strategy thanks to cold emailing. Users can count on autoresponders to be aware of this approach and to protect them from spam.

Sendinblue cuts through the noise and helps you wield both email and chat messaging to drive visitors towards becoming long-term customers. You can use their live chat widget to greet and engage website visitors, then capture their contact information. By doing this, you will add already-warmed subscribers to your email list.

You can then create effective messages within Sendinblue’s drag-and-drop builder (which allows you to create transactional emails) and then send them to your new contacts. Plus, since they’ve opted into your marketing efforts from their live chat conversation, so know your emails with hit their inbox.


Email is still the king of ROI. When you have a live chat widget on your website that primes visitors through great customer support, it will improve your customers’ amenability toward future email communications.

Furthermore, their live chat feature is very straightforward (takes just a few seconds to install) and allows you to start a conversation with visitors to your website. Additionally, live chat can be combined with email marketing to seamlessly reach your customers wherever they are free of charge.

Things you can do with Sendinblue

  1. Unlimited email contacts
  2. Send up to 300 emails a day
  3. Drag-and-drop email designer
  4. Live chat widget for your website
  5. Advanced audience segmentation
  6. Transactional emails and SMS messages

Sendinblue’s paid plans include:

sendinblue price plan

Sendinblue free forever version has some limitations. It capped at 300 email sends per day with sendinblue branding attached to every email you send out. Nevertheless, the free version still allow you access to the live chat features.

So, instead of a time-constrained free trial, just sign up for that free forever plan and take Sendinblue for a test drive today.

Chaport – #1 Customer Messaging Software

Chaport’s mission is to increase sales through improved chat communication. They assist your small business or startup in easily incorporating the chat services they require to grow.

When you’re first starting out, you want to develop your client base, close sales, and scale your firm as quickly as possible. Chaport accomplishes this by providing readily customisable widgets that allow you to chat live or add chatbots that automatically connect with visitors, solve problems fast, and drive revenue.

This increases the effectiveness of the bottom of your sales funnel since, after a question is rapidly answered, your visitor may confidently make a purchasing decision.


Chaport’s price plan is quite affordable with their free forever plan with features such as:

  1. 30-day chat history
  2. Use on unlimited websites with unlimited chats
  3. Widget customization
  4. Basic reporting and analytics
  5. Web, desktop, and mobile apps

If you are looking at their business or premium plan both are very affordable with amazing features respectively. Their premium plan goes for $15 per operator a month. While their business plan is 23$ per operator per month which features such as:

  1. One-year chat history
  2. Advanced customization options
  3. Advanced reporting
  4. Auto-invitations
  5. Group chats
  6. Search features
  7. Typing insights
  8. File sending
  9. Advanced integrations

Which ever plan you go with, you will be able to chat with your customers from any devices such as iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac with instant synchronization from one devices to the other.

So whether you’re looking for basic live chat or advanced chatbot features and in-depth visitor insights, Chaport has a solution for you.

Zoho SalesIQ

Zoho SalesIQ is a live chat and analytics platform powered by AI that encourages proactive customer engagement. It provides your sales, marketing, and support teams with the ideal tool, complete with all of the features required to communicate with every visitor throughout the customer lifecycle.

zoho salesiq image

With Zoho SalesIQ not only can you have a live chat solution you can also Integrate with CRM for better data, Switch to a call with the click of a button, Prioritize your engagement with lead scores and Restart the conversation from inside their inbox making communication easier with your customers.

The following are features of Zoho SalesIQ

  1. Mask or restrict terms in the profanity library to protect your agents from verbal abuse.
  2. Stay connected with offline users by sending contextual and personalized push notifications using SalesIQ’s mobile SDK, Mobilisten.
  3. Direct chats to the right department based on a customer’s traffic source, landing page, number of visits or chats, lead stage, and more.

In Conclusion the above are free live chat software you can use on your website without spending a penny. they are all straight forward to integrate into your website. We hope they are helpful for your business. We will like to know which live chat solution you are using on your business in the comment section.