How to get a theme from ThemeForest for free

How to get a Premium Theme on ThemeForest for Free


Themeforest is a well-known platform if you are looking for an oven baked solution at an affordable price. However, you might end up with products that are buggy, or which does not serve your business need in some cases. Nevertheless, as business owners/developers, We have all come to that point where we are looking for ways of getting a paid solution for free. In this article, I will share with you how to get a premium theme on ThemeForest for free.

Subscribing to Themeforest Newsletter

Yes, I know that might sound weird but hear me out. Every month ThemeForest send out theme, plugins, images, sound and animated goodies to their subscriber. You can use this product for any of your personal products however, you will not get support in case you run into a problem or the solution is buggy. At the time of this article, we have attached this month’s freebies to show you what you could get every month just by subscribing to the ThemeForest website.

How do I get themes from ThemeForest for free

As you can see from the above most of the product has at least 50 – 100 sales which in my opinion I want to believe is a way of getting more awareness by letting people download them for free. However, there is another section where you can download two to three Premium WordPress themes for free on Themeforest. I can’t give you the exert date the page gets updated every month, however, below are themes available for the month of May 2022

Download our best FREE WordPress Themes

ThemeForest’s theme catalogue has some of the best WordPress themes available in the world, and you can take advantage of them for your next website project all for free with the above themes.

Why you should download free themes from ThemeForest

Aside from the theme taking space on your hard drive, it’s free and it gives you the luxury of testing the theme to see if it suits your business need before making a commitment. However, on other platforms such as template monster and the likes, you can only download the blog version of their premium theme for free which gives you limitations when you are trying something to suit your business. Secondly, you can make suggestions to the developer in the comment area of their product, telling them what you love and what you think they can do better in their next update. We understand they are trying to make money on the ThemeForest but also solving problems and they can’t do it all by themself you can be their extra eye if you find something buggy in their solution.

Downloading Nulled Version of ThemeForest theme for free

You might be considering looking in this direction of downloading nulled WordPress theme. However, we will advise you not to, not that you are rubbing the ThemeForest platform, you are also robbing the theme developer of their hard work. Secondly nulled theme might be free but you are exposing your website to a lot of security issues as you don’t know what it’s buried under the code you are using for your website.

Below are our reasons why you should never use nulled theme on your website.

  1. Risk of getting Malware
  2. Denied Access to Updates
  3. Documentation Access is Restricted Too
  4. No Access to new Features
  5. Legal Issues
  6. Unwanted ads and backlinks

According to a security survey published last year, 25% of the responders have seen a hacked website in the past month prior to participating in the survey. Taking these statistics into consideration, we can see the scope of the problem.

In conclusion, with the above links, we hope you will find free themes for your next project. However, the themes you get monthly might not be the theme you want, although, it’s something you can work with for your next project We will like to know what theme you picked for your next project in the comment section.