WordPress Theme on themeforest

5 tips for picking the right WordPress theme on Themeforest


Even as WordPress Developers sometimes we pick the wrong theme for a project. Although, ThemeForest is a well-known platform for premium themes, graphics and many more how do you pick the right WordPress theme on Themeforest?

When it comes to picking a theme, you have to have a list of features or functionality you want your theme to have. Sometimes, we make does decisions when searching for the perfect WordPress theme for our project. Moreover, you need to have a clear understanding of what you want from the premium theme you are about to buy as one wrong move can put your business into extra cost and expenses. Therefore, below are our checklist when buying a premium theme on ThemeForest.

Theme Support

Irrespective of how good looking a theme is on ThemeForest make sure you check the support and comment section. What you are looking for is how the developer solves issues other buyers might have and what is their response time to queries and questions. You don’t want to buy a theme and find out their support replies once a week or not even active. However, for every theme you buy on ThemeForest you get a free 6month support for free with an option to buy another 6month to halve the price of the support. In my advice buy the 12month plan it will save you money in the long run and you have support covered for a year.  Nevertheless, the majority of theme developers on the platform have their support system where you can create a ticket and your issues will be resolved within an appropriate time.

How often is the theme updated?

An update is important for any software online. However, some theme on ThemeForest has been abandoned/forgotten. Therefore you want to check when was the last time the theme was updated by the developer. The majority of the well-known theme on ThemeForest such as Avada and the likes drop update almost every month which is the sort of theme you want to go for to ensure have the right security update and latest features.

an example of a theme updated almost 2yrs ago

Does it support Page Builder?

Page builders are in vogue now in WordPress themes as they allow you to create a beautiful layout without writing a single line of code which is awesome.  Most developers are found locking their theme to a custom page builder or a custom-built one. This is not a bad idea if they are creating custom functionality for their theme however, what happens if their page builder is full of bugs and is their custom page builder is not SEO friendly? However, you want to pick a theme that supports well-known builders such as Elementor, and WPBakery In my own opinion this two-page builder has been around for a while and the community is big so whatever problem you might have using them you rest assured you will get a solution. Nevertheless, stay away from themes that use outdated page builders as they are mostly full of bugs and will break your website. However, Gutenberg is a block editor from WordPress which also give you the flexibility to create a website in WordPress without writing any code. However, it’s not as rich as the page builder mentioned above but it might it if your theme supports Gutenberg as well. You can checkout the comparism between Gutenberg and Page builder here.

Reviews and number of sales

Yes, we know. Checking a theme review is something you want to check when buying a premium theme it’s an investment and you want to be sure it’s the right one. What you are checking for is the number of happy customers they have or if the customers are not happy with the developer product. For new themes on the platform, you might not find much of a review but for themes that have been on the platform for long, their number of theme sales should justify how good their product is. If the number is very low then you might want to stay clear of such themes. Developers sort of feel proud to show their numbers on their product page you might want to have a lookout for that when searching for a theme.

Browsers Compatiblility

We can stress this enough, that you check what sort of browser compatibility is available for the theme you are about to buy. As we all know the famous internet explorer is outdated but we still have some users using the browser. Its essential your theme is tested on every browser available either old or new to ensure they compatible. you would not like a situation where you lose a potential client because your website loaded differently on their browser due to your theme not been compatible with their browser.

Compatable Plugins

Another thing you might want to check before you purchase a theme on themeforest is what sort of plugin is compatible with the theme. They have been instance where a theme is not compatible with some SEO plugins. However, a quick sale question to the developer can ensure you don’t fall for such theme. it never hurt to ask the developer if their theme support whatever plugin you have in mind to incorporate into your them.

In conclusion, a quick google search about a theme on themeforest might not be helpful as you are not sure where the information you are getting are coming from. We advise you read review from other customer in the review section of the theme and check the comment section. However, themeforest theme approval is very ridge nevertheless, that does not stop you for doing some finding yourself before you invest in a theme. We advise you stay away from theme that offer SEO security features incorporated into their theme as these things are better handled by plugins. And lately ensure your theme is mobile friendly. Let us know if we miss anything out in the moment section.