WooCommerce vs Easy digital downloads

WooCommerce vs Easy digital downloads which is better


WooCommerce vs Easy digital downloads which is better depending on what type of store you are building. However, if you are looking to sell a digital product such as pictures, WordPress Themes, Plugins and the likes Easy Digital download is your best bet. However, if you are into fashion or products of different sizes and likes WooCommerce is your best choice. Nonetheless, speaking from someone that has used both plugins. The answer to this question will be different based on individual preference and need.

I like to build things from the ground up when am creating a theme I enjoy using a premium WordPress theme but sometimes I just like to know what is running under my theme. Therefore I created two e-commerce stores with both plugins just to see which is better than the other.

What i learnt with easy digital downloads

Easy digital download is easy to step with a bit of next, next finish process your store is ready to go live. however, one of the disadvantages of easy digital download is that you have to buy some extensions from their website to achieve some features such as Free Downloads which allows users to download a product/item without having to register, and that extension cost around 49dollar for a single site.

In my opinion, that is very high but the extension provide value so could say it is sort of worth the money. Although, there is an alternative to the above extension which is Easy Digital Downloads – Auto Register, however, you won’t have the same experience as the free download extension.

Easy digital download by default come with three payment gateway namely: PayPal, Test Payment and Amazon.

easy digital download payment settings

However, to add more payment gateway they are also not free. Some third-party payment gateway costs around 59 – 140dollars per year. Although the free PayPal payment gateway works fine without a problem, you might want options for your customers. Aside from individual extensions, EDD has extension pass subscription plans with the lowest at 99.50dollars annually and the highest at around 499.50 per year.

Screen Shot 2022 02 07 at 10.05.35

Despite the fact that Easy Digital Downloads can be integrated with any theme, there are a number of themes specifically designed for online stores powered by Easy Digital Downloads. If you’re looking for EDD themes, we recommend checking out ThemeForest since the EDD themes are affordable and you can read reviews and comments before you buy. The number of EDD themes isn’t nearly as huge as WordPress or WooCommerce themes.

The Pros of Selling with Easy Digital Downloads

  1. Digital items can be sold and delivered with a full shopping cart
  2. Easy to use
  3. Easy Digital Product Pricing

The Cons of Selling with Easy Digital Downloads

  1. You Have to Pay for additional Payment Gateway Add-ons
  2. You’re Limited to Selling on WordPress
  3. The Easy Digital Downloads Customer Service is Acceptable but Limited

What I learned with WooCommerce

Woo-commerce on the hand is a good if you are looking to sell physical product. However, you can also sell digital product with WooCommerce but it does not give you the flexibility like easy digital downloads. if you look like websites that sell premium themes such as rarathemes, blossomthemes and vwthemes they are powered by easy digital downloads this tells me that EDD is more suitable for digital products based on the above know platforms but its all based on preference. Nevertheless, WooCommerce also has over 747 extentions with price range from $0 to $299 dollars per annum. They are different payment gateway supported by WooCoommerce free to use without having to pay a annual fee like easy digital downloads. As Woo-Commerce is bundled with 5 free payment gateway namely Direct Bank Transfer, Cheque Payment, Cash on Delivery, PayPal, Simplify Commerce all easy to setup.

Screen Shot 2022 02 07 at 11.04.52

The Pros of Selling with WooCommerce

  1. Pre-Installed Payment Gateways
  2. Sell Anything
  3. Very Easy Setup Process
  4. Creating Products is Simple
  5. Store Management

The Cons of Selling with WooCommerce

  1. You have to host your website yourself.
  2. Some Extensions are Expensive
  3. Limited Support

Themes we created with Easy Digital Downloads

  1. 95media.co.uk

Themes we created with WooCommerce

  1. Natalie WP Free Blogger Theme

In conclusion we respect to both plugins they create an avenue to sell product online be at digital or physical. However comparing WooCommerce vs Easy digital downloads depends on certain variables and user preferences. I like easy digital downloads because its very easy to use and users can download my freebies on the fly without filling any form. on the hand that is just my own opionin which of the plugin do you like and why?