Best WordPress Themes for AdSense 2022

7 Best WordPress Themes for AdSense 2023


There is a wide variety of choices when it comes to the best WordPress themes for Adsense that are fully optimised. This collection offers a wide variety of choices, including AdSense themes for blogs and news portals, online magazines, review website templates, and more. Nevertheless, one thing that all of these themes have in common is that they are appropriate for monetization with the help of Google AdSense.

All of these themes make it simple to incorporate and control Google AdSense advertisements into your site’s design. Most Google code snippets can be pasted directly into your website’s admin area. After that, the theme will take care of putting those ads in strategic positions across your site. Using one of these AdSense optimised themes will likely enhance your site’s earnings by utilizing proven and tested ad display choices.

Some of the best Google AdSense-optimized themes also offer a page builder tool that allows you to create your own unique page designs, an abundance of customization choices and settings, and a variety of high-quality homepage designs and templates for your site’s inner pages.

All these themes below have been developed to a high degree, with the primary goal of boosting your site’s earnings without sacrificing the quality of the experience they provide for visitors. But here is a question: which WordPress theme is best for AdSense? Below are some answers to help you decide.


Spotlight WordPress Theme

Spotlight provides users with five different demos to choose from, all of which are well suited for content-driven websites. You have a wide variety of possibilities for incorporating material from other ad networks as well as AdSense into your website because the designs contain a number of different spots where advertisements may be readily displayed. In addition to that, the placement of these advertisements may be done right in the WordPress Customize area.

Spotlight provides the essential WooCommerce features required to make it feasible for you to sell things directly from your website if you so desire. If you produce a lot of content, you should give some thought to using this theme because it has a number of useful additional features, such as live search results, built-in image galleries, and auto-loading posts. Spotlight is an AdSense-optimized WordPress theme that offers a wide range of customization options.

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Magplus WordPress Theme

With MagPlus’s collection of over 40 pre-built website samples, you can quickly and easily develop a wide variety of AdSense-monetized WordPress sites. They cover a wide range of subjects, including style blogs, news blogs, cuisine blogs, and tech publications.

MagPlus incorporates a high-end, drag-and-drop website builder that may be customised to your liking. Modifying the content samples should be easy with the help of WPBakery Page Builder. MagPlus is one of the most adaptable AdSense optimised WordPress themes available today, thanks to its wide range of customizable tools, features, and options.

There is a lot of support for displaying Google AdSense advertisements on your website, which is one of the possibilities for making money from your website. On the AMP version of your website, you can also display advertisements generated by Google AdSense.

Therefore, if you are using the Google AMP service to make your website even more mobile-friendly, you can still earn money from your blog, magazine, or other types of sites with the MagPlus theme even when users access your content on smartphones and tablets. This is because the MagPlus theme is responsive and adapts to the screen size of the device being used to view the content.

MagPlus is a wonderful addition to this list of best WordPress themes for Adsense since it possesses a comprehensive feature set and has received a lot of favourable comments from users.

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Newmag WordPress Theme

There is another WordPress theme called Newsmag that uses Google AdSense to monetize news and magazine sites. This theme makes it very easy to embed videos from video-sharing websites like YouTube on your website. Adding videos to your news or magazine website can be a great way to improve your site without putting in a lot of extra work. You may modify any of the pre-built material with the use of a drag-and-drop page builder plugin like WP-Bakery and tagDiv Composer that comes standard, and you get a wide variety of layouts and templates to work with when posting your articles.

To help you make money off of your website, Newsmag has included a smart ad system. This grants you access to ten different ad slots that have already been established. The placement of each ad in your content layouts has been carefully considered to maximise the number of clicks each receives. AdSense code needs to be entered just once. Then relax while Newsmag decides where and when your ads will be shown.

Today, Newsmag has evolved into one of the most powerful and feature-packed AdSense optimised WordPress themes that are currently on the market.

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Admania WordPress theme

Admania is a WordPress theme that includes more than fifteen different layouts. Each of these layouts has been tuned to not only look fantastic but also produce the maximum number of hits on your advertisements from your target demographic. Admania gives you the ability to establish a blog, a magazine website, or an online news portal, and gives you the option to select from many templates for each type of website.

You have access to all of the blocks that are included with the normal WordPress editor, and you can use these blocks to insert helpful components into your pages. The new WordPress block editor was designed to function well with the theme. You have complete creative control over the appearance of the homepage, which is perhaps the most significant part of your website, thanks to the widget-based homepage builder functionality that is included with the Admania WordPress theme.

One of the features of Admania that is particularly intriguing is the ad manager. This tool gives you the ability to add and change your advertisements through a live front-end editor.

Instead of having to save the settings in the control panel and then refresh your site to see them in effect, thanks to this, you can see how your advertisements will look while you are working on them, eliminating the need to do so. You have complete control over exactly where each advertisement is displayed on your website by utilising the ad manager.

This includes the homepage, individual blog posts, and other sections of your website. You also have the option of displaying adverts that linger around, which will keep your sponsored content front and centre at all times. some other features of Admania include an ad blocker and support for ad rotation and a fully optimized WordPress theme.

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Foxiz - WordPress Newspaper News and Magazine

Foxiz provides its users with a large number of templates that have been enhanced to display advertisements. Using Foxiz, you can easily incorporate advertisements of any kind onto your website, including those generated by AdSense.

Depending on the settings that you select, advertisements may be placed anywhere on your website, including the body of posts, the header, the sidebar, or other areas.

Foxiz comes equipped with an AdBlock detector that can help you make the most of the advertising revenue you receive by persuading visitors to whitelist your website and begin viewing advertisements. You will have no trouble displaying advertisements on the AMP versions of your pages thanks to the fact that Foxiz is likewise optimised for AMP.

Foxiz also allows you to restrict access to your material behind a paywall or through paid subscriptions. If you plan on selling items through your website, Foxiz is WooCommerce-ready. With Foxiz, you may publish reviews, and the theme comes with a built-in table of contents generator, a reading position indicator, and in-line email opt-in forms.

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Herald - Newspaper & News Portal WordPress Theme

Herald is a magazine and news portal theme for WordPress that has been enhanced for high AdSense CTRs.

With the six available Herald demos, you can easily adapt your site to fit a wide variety of niches. The Herald theme allows you to publish articles on a wide range of topics, including the latest in fashion, sports, and technology.

The advanced theme options control panel provides you with a wide variety of options for how your content should be displayed. As a matter of fact, there are supposedly over 500 distinct combinations that can be chosen; hence, no two articles need ever look the same. Not only will have the ability to design your own unique post style for each article that you publish to make your content more engaging, but it will also save you time.

It is also able to assist you in displaying your AdSense advertisements in the appropriate location, which will result in the highest click-through rates and the biggest possible earnings for you.

Herald AdSense optimised WordPress theme includes a number of other helpful features, such as smart images, which dynamically adjust to the size of the screen they are being viewed on. Other handy features include: This theme can also be used to develop bespoke headers for your website, complete with the ideal combination of text and links to assist your visitors in navigating your site. The built-in review capability should be appealing to you if you would like to publish reviews on your news website or use this theme to establish a website that is solely dedicated to reviews. With the help of this function, you’ll have no trouble adding star ratings and individualised review criteria to your material.

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Newspaper - News & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Newspaper is a theme made specifically for news, review, or even just frequently updated blog pages. The newspaper’s robust YouTube video embedding capabilities further enhance the site’s multimedia prowess. In addition, the rating system gives your audience a voice in the feedback you get. If you’re just getting started with WordPress or are a seasoned pro, you should find Newspaper to be a straightforward AdSense-ready theme.

The developers of the newspaper WordPress theme made sure it works well with the most popular eCommerce, discussion forums, and social networking plugins, and it has good support for displaying advertisements especially those from AdSense and HTML banners.

With the Newspaper theme, getting your ads out there is as easy as pasting some code into the appropriate fields and hitting publish. Even better, the newspaper is clever enough to recognise when an article contains Google AdSense code and will adjust the ad layout accordingly for mobile users. You may easily change the look of your site’s front end with the help of the bundled drag-and-drop page builder, tagDiv Composer.

You may also access over 420 pre-made blog posts and webpage templates in the tagDiv Cloud Library. You can make changes to your articles, authors, searches, categories, and 404 error pages without logging into the back end.

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