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Goldendraco 7th February 2022
WordPress theme for your blog

Whether you are new starting out blogging or you are looking to rebrand your website how do you pick the right WordPress theme for your blog?

With regards to technology, the WordPress environment is getting updated almost every two weeks with different features and functionality. With over 10,000 plus themes on WordPress, it’s difficult to pick the perfect one as it might take months to test almost all themes on WordPress to find that perfect one. 

However, the perfect theme for your blog is important, as the right one will give your blog/content that catchy looks with a responsive feel across all the web. Before you buy a theme or customise one we recommend you read through our list of do’s and don’t when you are selecting the perfect theme for your WordPress website.

What Features do you want in your theme?

Let’s look at a theme as an office where most of your work will be done. Therefore you have to have an idea of what sort of layout and functionality you want for your blog theme. Some of the functionality might be a grid system layout or a one Column/ multiple layout, would you prefer a translation-ready theme or something e-commerce ready.

The WordPress Environment has a great filter system if you are looking to try the free theme just to test the waters. Ensuring you pick a theme that is fast, responsive and mobile-friendly is key also, you want to pick a theme that gives you the flexibility to make changes yourself In the customizer sections without reaching out to the developer such as changing the background colour, logo, link colour and the likes. However, the WordPress theme approval is very strict therefore with the help of the filtering system you might be able to narrow down some of the functionality you wanted.

Yes, you read that right. For every theme on developers have a motive either to offer you a free version or ensure the premium functionality are premium requiring you to pay to unlock them. However, you need to check if the said theme follows today’s modern age design trends to mention a few such as responsive design, SEO-friendly, etc. One of the most important of your website is to catch your users attention with your blog and make them take action. The theme you pick has to help you keep users on your website and not send them away.

How frequently is the theme updated?

Some of the themes on have not been updated over a year ago. Before you pick a theme check for the last time it is updated. Secondly, you also want to check if the theme developer is adding more functionality to make the theme better and its number of downloads. You won’t want to have a theme without an update for too long considering the WordPress environment changes very fast and you want a theme that change with the WordPress environment.

Theme Review and developer Support or Comment

Considering any issues, you might be having using a theme on WordPress the support section and review is where you can get the most answers. However, some themes do not have any reviews however, that does not mean the developer does not respond if there is an issue with their theme. For any theme with more than 10 1 star reviews, we advise you to stay away from the theme.

In conclusion aside from a theme being responsive, SEO-friendly, and Woocommerce ready. We believe a theme should load fast as well. Nevertheless, you can check our blog post on how to pick a premium theme for your website on ThemeForest. We will like to hear your suggestion and recommendation in the comment section on how you pick a WordPress theme for your blog.

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