Premium WordPress Theme

Premium Theme VS Custom Theme which is better


Buying premium WordPress Theme or getting a developer to build one from scratch, all comes down to your requirement. However, places like, have earned their reputation over the years for selling premium WordPress theme for whatever niche you are looking for, So what makes a WordPress Theme premium?

Many Premium WordPress theme, is built to fit the business niche out of the box. However, your website layout, look and feel might be the same for anyone using the same theme as yours. 

Nonetheless, the majority of the functionality of a premium theme is not what you will need for your website. Have in mind the developer built the solution to fit into whatever users through at the system. 

Besides, you might have purchased a theme for your business and end up realising the WordPress theme does not serve the purpose of what you are trying to achieve. 

Moreover, some premium themes are known for spaghetti codes they look very shiny and attractive but full of bugs which sometimes make the WordPress theme unusable for your business.

However, Custom WordPress Themes are built to requirements and for a specified business model. These make the cost of such WordPress themes expensive than that of Premium themes you see on template monster or ThemeForest. 

Pros of using Premium WordPress Theme

  1. They are affordable you can get a theme for around 35 -69dollars depending on the theme functionality.
  2. Easy to deploy. 
  3. They are very-good for startups and small business owner.
  4. You don’t need to know how WordPress work. 
  5. it’s easy to scale

Cons of using Premium WordPress Theme

  1. They can be very buggy(AKA – spaghetti code), and with a late update to fix the bug
  2. Limited Support.
  3. Most of the theme does not create room for business expansion
  4. You get to pay extra for extra functionality aside from what the theme provides. 
  5. The Theme Developer can somehow go out of business or just disappear.
  6. One Major update from the developer can change your website leading to you having to do everything over again to your taste.

Pros of using Custom WordPress Theme

  1. The theme is built for your needs and its unique.
  2. It comes with more support.
  3. It is free of bugs.
  4. They are easily more customizable and easy to update.
  5. A custom theme can help you beat the competition due to your theme custom design. According to Michael Hartzell, 94% of people cite design as one of the reasons why they don’t trust certain websites.

Con of using Custom WordPress Theme

  1. it can be expensive.
  2. its takes time to build.
  3. Custom themes are ideal for large website/organization

Having understood the differences, pros and cons of each, which option is right for your business? In my view, I will say it depends on some factors such as budget, time and requirement.

The most important thing is to choose a theme that you can customise to show your DNA. In other words, a premium WordPress theme will be a place to start because they are affordable and ready to use on the go.

However, if you have the resources and plenty of customizations for your website I will advise you to skip the premium theme and use custom WordPress theme for your business or blog.